Arpying is a martial art studied in Tivit and across the Are-Pea Alliance. Its practitioners assume the visage of others.

Baron Iximaz is a devotee of arpying; her castle De'endee contains a grand library on the subject, with the complete works of masters such as Gaigacks and Arrenson.

Though the words of the original masters are revered, there are many other styles of arpying. These include:

Faituh Edit

In this school of arpying, the new face is created through focusing on key events from the face’s past.

Perusonah Edit

Perusonah is named after one of the fiefs of the deadly Athlusian Dominion, a land of conflict between law and chaos where the power of demon summoning reigns supreme. The practitioner does not create a wholly new face here, but musters his willpower in order to overcome his daily doubts and inner darkness, thus earning great power. But should the spirit of the practitioner waver, this same darkness would consume him in no time.