The Constitution of Ozerbord is the foundation of law in the Refuge of Ozerbord. It was established by the Baronial Council following the creation of the Refuge. It is modelled on the Constitution of Plort.

Specific provisions of the Constitution include:

  • All citizens of the Union of Plort may seek refuge in Ozerbord in times of war.
  • Article 74: The Protector of Ozerbord shall be the Lord and Ruler of this nation, and none may ever put him out of his place.
  • Article 75: Huinesoron, sole baron of the lands beyond the Wattufs, is appointed Protector of Ozerbord.

The wording of the Constitution was used by Sir Tomash and Baron Dann to successfully argue that, since Baron Huinesoron had failed to protect the Refuge, he was no longer Protector. Tomash assumed the post, and its responsibilities, in his place.