Protectorate of Plort Wikia

The Great Library of Lhyst is one of the largest and most frequented in Wechi. It has two large wings.

The Vixion Wing is devoted entirely to historical tales: tales of the Protectorate of Plort, tales of the Marizu, and tales of other faraway lands can all be found here. These records are much sought after by those who wish to study the strategies of knights who came before them or to familiarize themselves with the foul workings of the enemy so as to strike at them more precisely.

The Efrydding Wing is the larger of the two, and it is divided into three parts: the Hall of Folk, the Hall of Steadings, and the Hall of Mathoms. Here one can study just about all there is on record of the people, land, and artefacts of Konti-Nyuum.

Much of the collection of Lhyst was formerly held in the Principality of El-Jheycom. When that nation fell, it is said that its citizens banded together to carry the precious records into the mountains, to the friendly city of Manyuel.