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The Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum has been recreated several times in games.


Konti-Nyuum at the time of the election of Iximaz, PC, Thanasius and Kaitlyn as barons has been immortalised in Minecraft. The level is available for download:

Konti-Nyuum for Minecraft 1.8

The level features 10 hidden (and numbered) secrets; can you find them all?

Civilisation IV[]

A version of Konti-Nyuum exists for Civilisation IV, set up as a Beyond the Sword expansion pack scenario:

Konti-Nyuum in Civ 4

The level can be played as any of the current barons of Plort, with Makari and July added in. Each civ has every castle that lies within the relevant barony's borders. Note that the civ city name lists are unchanged, and new-founded cities will not use Plortian names.

Please also note that this is not a balanced map. Players will start with different numbers of cities, and utterly unbalanced resources. Some resources (elephants) are entirely absent. The map represents the real political geography of Plort: that means some barons are going to be horribly pressed for space, while others have all the room they could desire.

There is one additional civilisation: Plopos, one of the destroyed Pirate Isles. This civ has a single city, and no way to move outside it; it is an observer civilisation, to allow you to let Plortian history play out as it will.

Naturally, this has been done, and a full report exists for your viewing pleasure:

The history of Plort at war