The Protector of Ozerbord is the absolute ruler of the Refuge of Ozerbord, along the model of the Protectors Jay and Acacia.

The position of Protector of Ozerbord was established in the Constitution of Ozerbord, Article 74:

The Protector of Ozerbord shall be the Lord and Ruler of this nation, and none may ever put him out of his place.

The First Protector Edit

The first Lord Protector was Baron Huinesoron, who was specifically named in the Constitution of Ozerbord, Article 75:

Huinesoron, sole baron of the lands beyond the Wattufs, is appointed Protector of Ozerbord.

He maintained his power following the appointment of Thanasius Ampelius as Baron in Ozerbord, arguing that 'sole baron' was a descriptor, not a requirement.

The Second Protector Edit

When the Green Ads and Inter'Nelerors attacked Borrd and Ozerbord, Sir Tomash and Baron Dann of Iric raised protective spells around the town of Teebor, in northern Ozerbord. During the third siege by the Inter'Nelerors, they successfully argued that Baron Huinesoron was not protecting Ozerbord, and thus could not be its ruler.

Banishing the Inter'Nelerors by the power of Pro'gramman, Sir Tomash became Lord Protector.

The tale of Protector Tomash's ascension.