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The Cyclopaedia of Plort[]

Being a repository of all information relating to the Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum; to its sundry successor states; to the world wherein it is situated; and all manners, practices, and festivities associated with the great isle of Konti-Nyuum.

Said Cyclopaedia being kept in the great Library of Lhyst, in the proud city of Manyuel, within the Commonwealth of Wechi; being maintained by Baron Huinesoron the Historian; being sure to contain the most up-to-date information regarding this noble and ancient realm.

About the Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum[]

The Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum is a roleplaying setting based on the Protectors of the Plot Continuum community. It is freely available for use by any PPC community member.

Great! How do I go there?[]

Please visit our Beginner's Guide to Plort to find out how the setting works. To find the correspondences between the setting and real websites and fandoms, check the Glossary.

No, I mean how do I REALLY go there?[]

I'm glad you asked me that! Plort has actually appeared several times in the form of levels for games and the like. To check it out, go visit Plort in Other Media.

The History of Plort[]

The Union of Plort as it presently stands.

There are many tales of the history of the Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum and its successor states. The chief and greatest among these is recorded in this very Cyclopaedia:

The History of Konti-Nyuum