The Quest of the Five is a tale from the early days of the Triumvirate. Five brave knights, hearing rumours of a magical lake beyond the supposedly-impassable Wattuf Mountains, sought to cross the range and discover the lands that lay beyond. The knights were:

Through great hardship, the Five discovered the Pass of the Five, and journeyed on into what would later be known as the Refuge of Ozerbord. As they travelled, they were one by one drawn aside from their quest: BeautyID took to wandering in the woodlands of the south; the Writer became lost in the Batveg Mountains, and later returned bearing tales of a Goblin King; Bjam struck out for the northern shoreline, claiming to seek for barnacles, and brought word of the cliffs that surround Ozerbord.

Only Kaitlyn and Huinesoron reached the Font of Bulapka, and bathed in its legendary waters. They returned to Borrd in triumph, bearing word of their discoveries; so great was their achievement that when Leto was created the first Baron, he founded his castle of Jenerel'stor by the shores of the Font of Bulapka.

In the years that followed, four of the Five became barons in their own right, and two founded their castles in the lands west of the Wattufs: BeautyID raised Maklaur in the woodlands to the south, while Huinesoron again crossed the Batvegs to found Kwenaya.